Welcome to Virtual Alameda!!!

This page is in answer to the question that even many bay area residents ask when I tell them where I lived which was: "Where in the hell is Alameda?!?"

Welcome to what was my hometown for over three years. It ain't Paris, but it's a swell little place with a smalltown feel, sandwiched in the water between two Metropolis's in the San Francisco Bay. Alameda is an island just southwest of Oakland. It used to be a military town until they decided to move the big guns and all the people who run them somewhere else in the early 90's. I'm not too keen on the history but to the best of my knowledge, Alameda was a bustling place where Naval and Marine crews would descend on the main strips of Webster Street on the north end and Park Street on the south to show the locals just how to party back in the 60's and 70's. Now it's mostly quiet, but remnants of the military presence still remain.

Getting to Alameda

Since Alameda is after all, an island, you need to get across the water from Jack London Square/China Town area of Oakland into town.

From downtown Oakland, just find Chinatown and head southwest on Webster,

then proceed into the tube which will take you down underwater for about a mile where you pop up in town on Webster street.

The view of the Webster Street Tube heading northeast towards Oakland.

Getting closer still...

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