Nicholas Ted Day
August 1, 1951 - May 29, 2008

This page is dedicated to the memory of Nick who left us after a long battle with cancer. He was 56. 

Nick was the quintessential big brother to me. He grew up with three sisters, and, although he loved them all very much, when I came around he was elated to finally have a brother!
He surrounded me with love, sports, laughter, fishing, and music. He showered me with love and adoration my whole life.
He was also my first musical inspiration, as I watched him play and sing, along with my cousins at family gatherings.
Nick was a prolific composer of music and lyrics and a great guitarist and vocalist.

We spent a lot time together on fishing trips, in the studio, and playing music together.

Rest in peace, big brother. We love you and miss you greatly.

L to R: Diana, Nancy, Nick, Chris, Clinton, Mom, Robbie

Some pics...

Nick and Chris. Notice his pleasure
in taking this picture with his big sister.

That's me with Nick, 1963. He was so happy to
finally have a brother, and he treated me that way his whole life.

High School grad pic.
The lines are from the plastic covers in the albums
which we didn't want to pull off.

I'm not sure how old he is here, but I think my dad took
these pics outside in the backyard.
What a good looking guy!

Nick and his first love.

With his acoustic.

On his wedding day.

Nick and Steffonie at the reception. Nick got out of his "monkey suit."

Crazy Nicky

Nick, Nancy, Dad, Clinton

More pictures:
I've seperated the many, many pictures we have into these categories:

Lullaby for Nicholas 

I began writing this tune when he first went back to the hospital in April, after I found out that he had stage 4 cancer, and was given 6 months to live. This was a shock to me. I thought he would be back home after some more treatment. He never made it back home.
I finished the last verse and chorus after he died.

The last time we met you were crying
Knowing your life won’t be long
I swallowed my pride
And broke down and cried
Knowing I’d write you this song

When I came to you, you were smiling
A sibling was finally a boy
When I came to play
You marveled that day
Surrounding me with all your joy

Now that you’re merely an ember
Tell me that you will be fine
Tell me you’ll always remember
That all of your best times were mine

You know that I wish for nothing
I pray God, for every thing
Where are you now?
I pray, Lord, somehow
That soon you’ll be able to sing

Lord, give him the chance now to cipher
Where he will go now from here
Help him to see
How much he will need
To look to the Son without fear

Tell me now closely and tender
Tell me that you will be fine
Tell me you’ll always remember
That all of your music was mine

Momma, she sure never wanted
To see one of her babies die
Yet before our eyes,
It was no surprise
And still it made us all cry

Rest now in peace, my big brother
We surely will miss you from here
I don’t know when,
But I’ll see you again
This fact is certainly clear

Tell me now closely and tender
Board now and lower your oars
Tell me you’ll always remember
That all of my music was yours

Tell me now closely and tender
Tell me that you will be fine
Tell me you’ll always remember

That all of your music was mine

Embrace - A poem by Darlene Day

Embrace Nick in your Arms
Accept his spirit into Heaven
That he shall know you
I rejoice and am moved
As I picture Nick
Without pain
Without Addictions
And Free of all Illness
Serenity will replace suffering
Contentment as he’s never known
When his spirit goes home
To his Heavenly Father
As he and his dad reunite
Nick will find the acceptance
He’s been yearning for
Now his dad
Can love him perfectly
And the two
Will await us
In Joy
In Peace
And in Gods Embrace