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front door

Clinton Avenue Studios
Alameda, CA

Pro Tools 12
Professional digital audio multi-track recording/mastering in a small home studio in Alameda, CA
Professional audio outboard hardware, microphones, digital plug-ins, mixing and computer.
Pro Tools 20 year expert, small yet powerful and efficient recording home studio 60$/hour.
Private lessons available, 80$/ hour

(510) 301-5787


Roland VM Audio from Clinton Avenue Studios:

Pauly D 2008

Lisa Lindsley
From Long After Midnight CD, 2016
recorded voice tracks, mixed at CAS
Heat Wave  - Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me

Tom Douvan

Ethersphere From So Shall We Learn CD , 2008
recorded bass tracks and guitar solo, mixed and mastered at CAS
intro - outro

Mads Tolling violin on Rhonda, on Tom Douvan CD All Over Again, 2015

Michael Patch
All Is Well 2010, Fight To Stay Alive 2012, Walking on the Moon 2018,
Whirling Through the Sky 2018

Clinton Day
One Funk Flat 2011, Suspended License 2017, Prayer Corner 2018

desk5 studio2
Relaxed home recording environment in a residential neighborhood in Alameda in the East Bay
It has all the ability to get the great sound of the big studios without the bells and whistles, nor the price.



Transfer audio cassettes 2-track, stereo, 4-track, 1X-2x speed, Dolby B, C, DBX to CD, Mp3 or YouTube, 60$/hour
Basic: Realtime audio x2 (30 minutes of tape audio = 60 minutes of studio time)
no audio editing, nor mastering, audio only
Expert: Realtime audio x3 (30 minutes of audio tape = 90 minutes of studio time) includes audio, editing, mastering, equalization, compression